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with Cédric

Aim for perfection

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Do you want to be great

at speaking French?


You’re struggling with the language, or you don't know where to start.
Or maybe you want to make really efficient use of the time you'll spend learning.

​Good news, 
I'm here to help

Book your first lesson with me, and start a completely new journey!

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Get the best out of your time with the right class


Learn together with 3-6 peer students

Either for complete beginners or students who can't engage in a conversation yet.

Focus is: 

  1. making sure you start off with excellent pronunciation

  2. getting familiar with the core logic of the language 

  3. expressing yourself about basic topics


Tailored for any level and your specific needs

Whether you're beginning or already able to exchange words in French, at a basic or at an advanced level, we'll focus on your personal profile and give you bespoke lessons at the pace you prefer.

student learning French online
Liat Gat from Knit Freedom

Liat Gat,

CEO at Knit Freedom

When I booked my first session with Cédric, he showed me the first of many tools he would later use to help me learn French in a completely new way. With his color-pronunciation chart, he showed me how to pronounce the French vowels in a way that was completely new (and delightful) to me. What I noticed most is that he was completely focused on me. The entire session consisted of me learning, and rapidly.


In the long run, I ended up exceeding my goal by several times. Over six months, Cédric taught me French. I, with many hours of practice by myself, solidified and built on that knowledge to reach an enjoyment and mastery of French that I would have never discovered without him.


I also find success in knowing that I have a great pronunciation of French. Many native French speakers have asked me, "Are you from Paris?" or, "Are you from France?" This serves to underline a basic strength of Cédric's, which is that he emphasizes pronunciation from the get-go.


Hongyu Chen from

Hongyu Chen,

Founder of language learning site Speechling

Starting with Cedric was the best decision I made for learning French. I took French lessons with Cedric every day for about 6 weeks when I first started. Cedric was instrumental in making sure that I started with good habits from the start.

While other French teachers online grabbed a phrasebook and went over basic vocabulary, Cedric gave me much more. His Silent Way approach allowed me to have a good grasp of pronunciation from the start instead of having to fix issues later on. We drilled color charts and often repeated sounds over and over again until he thought it was perfect.


In a few months, I was able to have basic conversations with friends in French without having to resort to English. He was part of the inspiration for Speechling, a nonprofit language learning app/website I created that is focused on pronunciation, now used by 70,000+ monthly users worldwide. Without a doubt, Cedric is easily one of the best French teachers.


Chris Colabella from Cislead

Chris Colabella,

President at Cisleads

I always thought that people were either naturally good at learning languages or naturally bad, and that I fell into the latter category. But Cedric’s approach was different from anything I had seen before. He tailored a program specifically to me and my goals. He customized practice tools for my learning style and guided me through each progression, all the while monitoring my progress behind the scenes.


After about a year, working with Cedric and following the practice plan that he and I designed together, I am now able to read, write, speak and understand just about everything I need to make my experience a fantastic one. In fact, I was able to get much further than I ever imagined.


Now I plan to continue to improve my French and eventually learn other languages – a feat I never even imagined was possible before finding Cedric. Because it was tailored for me, the entire learning process was surprisingly enjoyable. And because it was so successful, I’ve gained the confidence and momentum to keep going.



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French teacher in front of functional vocabulary charts
Modern Laptop


Get A Better Look

The Silent Way approach is based on Caleb Gattegno's pedagogical model. Speaking a language is more than accumulating knowledge: it's about learning a skill. Much like if you were to learn to play a music instrument or a sport. Memorizing information about the skill won't be of much help if you don't get a precise sense of what to do with it and the necessary practice to integrate it within you.

During the lessons, I help you see how precise aspects of the language work. For pronunciation, that means getting in touch with the way your tongue, lips, throat, form the different sounds of the language. For grammar, you'll figure out how to adapt the sentences to fit what you need to express: just like you did for your mother tongue. I want it to feel clear and easy for you, but also as natural and spontaneous as it is for a native speaker.


That's why everything during the class is always made in context: I'll never ask you to conjugate a specific verb in the "Passé composé". Instead, I'll make sure you use that verb by creating sentences that require the right form. You'll also learn vocabulary organically, linked to experiences and situations you can relate to. Through the Silent Way, I'll create the proper context to help you achieve great performance with your French.

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